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Show some love!

One week before #MHNursesDay and the world goes all slushy for Valentine's Day, there's roses and chocolates all over the place.

It's a good day to show show some love, to think about others and find the positives.

This year for Mental Health Nurses' Day (21st Feb) we're going to have a bigger reach than ever and we start to think outside the UK where we started and spread around the world. We're joined by colleagues from New Zealand and Australia, the vanguard greeting the day, all the way westward to Canada. Six years ago the idea of having global reach was beyond imagining but here we are seeing how much love and passion for the role of mental health nurses there is.

If you want to celebrate on the day, get a Twibbon for your social media profiles here.

Join us on Facebook here, X (Twitter) here, and Instagram here. One day, when it isn't cool anymore, we'll end up on TikTok!

Looking forward to seeing you all on the 21st!


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